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Date Added Description Document
09.10.09 FIFA Laws of the game 2009/2010 download
09.10.09 USSF Laws of the game 2009/2010 ussf-0910log
09.10.09 US Club Soccer Policy download
09.10.09 US Youth Soccer Association Policy Rules download
09.10.09 WYS Handbook 2008/2009 download
04.05.10 WYS Guidebook 2010 Revised 3.3.10 wys_guide_3-3-10
Coaching Aids
04.22.10 USSF Best Coaching Practices download
04.22.10 USSF Coaching Licenses website
09.01.10 Long Term Player Development – WYS download
USSF Rulings
09.10.09 Grievance Decisions website
09.10.09 Clubs Right to Participate download
04.15.10 Participation in Affiliated Organizations download
USSF Policy
09.10.09 Anti Discrimination Policy download
Tynecastle FC Documents
09.10.09 Tynecastle FC Affiliation Letter download
02.01.11 Tynecastle FC Insurance Policy download
04.01.10 Tynecastle FC (Player) Participation Form download
04.22.10 WA State Concussion Policy – WYS download
04.22.10 Financial Aid Request Form download
05.01.10 Crossfire Premier endorsement Tynecastle FC – Club Formation download

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Tynecastle FC – Scotland, UK
Tynecastle Players Renovate House – Shoreline Widow House Remodel
Wikipedia – History of Tynecastle FC
Wikipedia – David Hoggan
Bolton Wanderers – David Hoggan
Sounders – David Hoggan
Scotsman News – Formation of TIFC

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Soccer Saves

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Tynecastle FC
16850 Hamlin Road NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

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