Buz Smith

Playing Experience:

Northwest University



Northwest University

License: USSF E

Reason for Joining the Club:

“When I was approached about coacing the G98 girls I was unsure of what the culture would be like in the club. I was new to the area and was searching for not only coaching opportunities for myself, but also a coach and team for my daughters. Premiere level soccer can be either a very positive experience for all involved, or it can be fill filled with chaos, and disappointment. As a parent, I am very grateful for the opportunity my girls have had to build new relationships, make tremendous strides in their soccer development and also maintain their love for this great sport. The training, management and “kids first focus” of the club has left a very strong impression on me. By managing the club with an emphasis on safety, high technical training, and a quality life experience for the kids, Tynecastle gave me the confidence to trust them with my child’s development. That very same confidence is what encouraged me to use my life of soccer playing experience to develop the U14 girls. We started with just four young ladies last spring. We were able to add players from around the area who were still looking for a team once tryouts were over. The girls struggled through the summer while taking a beating at the tournaments and then started to show marked improvement throughout the year. Our skill set was deeply divided amongst our players, but I had buy-in and trust from the parents, support from the club and hard work from the girls. Our hard work led us to making the finals in State Cup in 2013. The club provided an opportunity for my girls to work hard and develop. Our club coached the girls to the best of their ability and the parents supported our every step. This culture is why I joined the club and will continue to support Tynecastle FC as the club of choice in the Puget Sound.


What my parents have to say about their experience at TyneCastle:

A. Nelson

“The coaching staff at TyneCastle has shown the utmost professionalism in working with our girls. Buz and Matt work with each girls’ skills to improve and make them stronger players. Their high expectations motivate each player to do their best and strive for being the best they can be. The compliment of constructive criticism along with praise keeps our girls achieving their highest potential.”

T. Pfohl

“My experience with TyneCastle has been very positive both for my daughter and for myself. What we receive here, that I do not feel we received from the other club we participated with, is a commitment from the coach to improve each player and to improve the team as a whole every time they meet. Buz has been able to connect with all the players and gain their trust in his plan. The results have been very positive as the team and the individuals have improved steadily throughout the year. The players are held accountable, for example via an early season report card, and made to feel that they are part of something bigger than just their individual accomplishments. The communication and requests for feedback have been frequent and consistent. Lastly, Buz knows that soccer is a game and that each player has other commitments and goals that require some of their time and energy.  We have been very happy with our experience at Tynecastle.”

J. Wright

“Buz expects high performance standards from the team and continually works with the players to ensure those standards are met. Those high standards drive the players to be committed, competitive and work as a team.”

S. Jacobson

Coach Buz evaluates a player through his teaching & training on the field, when he sees a player that has needs of improvement he lets the parents & the player know what is expected for improvement. Coach Buz also works at building a players team confidence on the field.

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